The Brettish Empire
Vol. II #10

August 30, 1996
(Updated November 28, 1999)


One can learn the most interesting things while "channel- surfing" with the television remote. On a recent Saturday morning I stumbled upon an infomercial. This wasn't the usual "amazing face cream which also makes a great car polish"-type infomercial, however. This one was about Barbie, that beautiful doll. With nothing better to do at the time, I decided to watch the half-hour pitch.

I learned Barbie isn't just for little girls anymore. Barbie is also issued in limited "collector" editions which are prized by adults.

Now, why am I blathering on about Barbie in The Brettish Empire? Because, the infomercial was about the My Fair Lady Barbie collection, which contains several Barbies exquisitely attired in miniatures of the gowns worn in the film by Audrey Hepburn (including the fabulous black-and-white Ascot dress).

Even Ken, Barbie's beau, gets into the act, dressed in Henry Higgins' famous tweeds.

Alas, there is no Freddie Eynsford-Hill doll. What a pity. Ken would have looked perfectly smashing in Freddie's top hat and morning suit. He would have been a proper companion to "Ascot Barbie." But, noooo--Barbie, like Eliza Doolittle, gets stuck with tweedy Professor Higgins.

Barbie's predicament distressed me so much I forgot to write down the address where the dolls can be purchased. It's probably just as well, though, because they wanted well over $200 for the set. :->

Seriously, these fair Barbies can probably be found (or ordered) at better toy stores or doll shops. (Maybe those handy with a needle can whip up a "Freddie" costume for poor Ken...;->)

UPDATE (11/28/99)

The My Fair Lady Barbies are now discontinued. However, they can still be found in secondary markets such as Ebay and on Barbie collector sites. 

Until next time,

Lisa :-)

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