The Brettish Empire
Vol. I #7

April 29, 1995

Cheerio, everyone! Welcome to Issue Seven of The Brettish Empire. Now, let us pour the tea (make mine Darjeeling, please) and chat about all things Brett...


I watched the film Florence Nightingale on A & E this afternoon. I hope those of you with cable got to see it, too. It was actually pretty good, although Jaclyn Smith never did quite get the hang of a British accent. Jeremy was in fine form as Mr. Nightingale, Florence's papa. With his stovepipe hat and muttonchop whiskers, he played sort of a fatherly variation on Sherlock Holmes (the quick grin, darting glances, and rolling "r's" were all present). As superb as Jeremy is as Holmes, I think it's always interesting to see him in other roles, as well.

I reported in an earlier TBE that Jeremy was taking a breather from acting to consider new roles. This got me to thinking--what kind of roles could Jeremy do now? I immediately thought of Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, if they ever revive it on the stage or remake it as a film. (He'd be familiar with the story, anyway! :->) How about you? What new roles would you like to see Jeremy in? Let me know, and I'll include your ideas in the next TBE. They don't have to be existing roles, BTW--dream up an idea for a new TV character or stage role for Jeremy if you'd like. There are a lot of creative people out there in TBE-land, so let your imaginations (and typing fingers) run wild! :-)


While exploring the 'Net, I've discovered some interesting newsgroups, such as <rec.arts.mystery>. This group contains postings about all classifications of mysteries, Sherlock Holmes included. Recently, the following subject line on <r.a.m> caught my eye: "Brett as Holmes--Ugh?" (how tactful!). The original poster said that he had seen Jeremy as Holmes and thought he overacted the part. He said he couldn't understand why people thought Jeremy was so great as Holmes.

Well, a lot of people responded to tell him "why". One was "", who said (replying to an earlier posting in the thread): "You said, 'Jeremy Brett is postively the best rendition of Sherlock Holmes as described by A. C. Doyle that I have ever seen in any medium other than the original stories.' Yes, yes! Absolutely brilliant portrayal EXACTLY as written by Doyle. I can't imagine anyone better. You're right!" Another poster agreed, and added that he and his wife had seen Jeremy in The Secret of Sherlock Holmes in London a few years back. Hesaid, "It was great to see, Mr. Brett, live." Well said! :-)

Incidentally, the Columbus Freenet recently added Lynx Web-viewing capability to its system, so I was finally able to check out TBE'er Jeff Wolfe's homepage. Jeff has kindly provided a link to Chris Redmond's "Sherlockian Holmepage" here. While I was unable to view the graphics, I did get to read the text. Mr. Redmond has provided links to Holmes/British-related Internet resources, many of which may already be familiar to 'Net surfing Brettfans. However, I found it fun to scroll through a list of the hundreds of Sherlock Holmes societies and scions from around the world. No manner of Holmesian minutiae has been overlooked when naming these clubs. My favorite names--"The Grimpen Admirers", "The Inverness Capers", and "The Priory School Dropouts".

All in all, I found the Holmepage worth perusing. To reach Jeff's homepage, type:


(lots of other fun stuff here, too, BTW!)

We've reached the conclusion of TBE #7. Remember, if you have a "dream role" for Jeremy (or any other views, news, or reviews!), please let me know.

Take care, everyone, and thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Lisa :-)

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