The Brettish Empire
Vol. I #1

December 11, 1994


You have received this, the premiere posting of (pardon the pun) The Brettish Empire, because you have shown an interest in the career of British actor Jeremy Brett.

Many of you have posted on Sherlockian newsgroups and may have been chastised for discussing subjects which concerned Jeremy Brett (e.g. My Fair Lady) but not strictly Sherlock Holmes. There was some talk about beginning a separate newsgroup for other Brett-related topics, but since starting up newsgroups is apparently a long and tedious process, this would not seem to be a reality anytime soon.

Never fear! The Brettish Empire is your place to discuss Brett on the 'Net. Not only Brett as Holmes, but Brett as Max DeWinter, Brett as Macbeth, even Brett as Freddie Eynsford-Hill.

TBE is experimental (I have never attempted anything like this before), but I envision it as a brief weekly newsletter which I will compile from submissions from Brettfans such as yourselves and send out to "subscribers" (i.e., anyone who wishes to receive it). However, since I currently must share a computer with other members of my family, I have a full-time job, and the holidays are upon us, I will start TBE out on a bi-weekly (or thereabouts) basis. So, if you have any news, comments, or questions re: Jeremy Brett, please submit them to my e-mail address above. If I receive no submissions, you might be subjected to my solitary ramblings (YIKES! :->)

I'll start the ball rolling with a singularly interesting quote from a Sherlockian publication. It has been suggested that "real" Sherlockians don't admire Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes. This is obviously not the case! Here is what The Sherlock Holmes Review said in its introduction to a 1991 interview with Mr. Brett:

"Our criteria for selection for 'The SHR Interview' is the relevant contribution the subject has made to the field of Sherlockiana and to the understanding of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle. Actors generally do not meet this criteria. However, in the case of Jeremy Brett we find an actor whose evolving performance merits not only one interview but a follow-up interview nearly five years later. [The SHR had previously interviewed JB in 1987--llo] It is easy to see that of all the actors who have portrayed the Master, none have put more thought or effort into the role than Jeremy Brett. What we said about the importance of Brett's Sherlock Holmes in an earlier piece on the Granada series is more relevant today than it was in 1987: 'Brett is saying more about Holmes with this performance than any number of scholarly volumes written about the Great Detective. He has found the clue to the heart of the lonely detective who was a mystery to himself.'"

Well, that wraps up the first (and hopefully not the last) issue of The Brettish Empire. Please consider making a submission. BTW, if I missed any Brett-fans you know of, please forward this to them. And, if you'd rather not receive future issues of TBE (I know--I'm no Conan Doyle!), please let me know (sniff! :-<).

Until we meet again, have a joyous, safe holiday season.

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Oldham

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