by Lisa Oldham


Hello Everyone,

While researching TBE I've found that sometimes JB isn't where I thought he would be. I hoist a doorstop-weight British theatre book down from the library shelf, only to discover that it doesn't even mention him! 

On the other hand, sometimes JB turns up where I never knew to look before.

For example, in "Their Kind of Men," a 3/20/65 supplement to the British Parade magazine. This little booklet presents famous actresses such as Sophia Loren (and some models I've never heard of ) describing their "ideal man."  

Judging from the photos inside the supplement, I surmise that the UK Parade magazine marches to a different drummer than the family-friendly US Parade magazine. You see, most of the ladies pictured in this supplement are somewhat lacking in apparel, and what little they are wearing looks like it came from Frederick's of Hollywood.

But, at least they have good taste in men! Especially, model Vicky Kennedy: 

"To hold her interest a man must have intelligence--'Nothing bores me more than good-looking men who think they require nothing more than a profile to attract a woman,' she says. Not that she has anything against good looks--she likes handsome men, provided that they are also worldly and sophisticated. In fact, the man who measures up most favourably to her ideal is actor JEREMY BRETT, who is in the film My Fair Lady. Says Vicky: 'He's everything I like in a man and the nearest to my ideal.'" :->

There is a photo of Vicky's pick, JB, but it's only a small headshot (too bad they didn't show him in a bathing suit!) ;->

Until next time,

Lisa  :-)

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